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Sweepstakes Winner Announced in Arizona

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Sweepstakes Winner Announced in Arizona

Earlier this year, AquaGrove launched a Sweepstakes in partnership with Mother Earth News.  This summer, the home grower publication closed the entries and randomly selected a winner from approximately 10,000 individuals who entered for a chance to win.  The proud winner of a new AquaGrove aquaponics system is a family residing in Avondale, Arizona, and this week, they will be receiving their very own home growing aquaponics system delivered right to their front door.

While the winning family prefers to remain anonymous, we had a chance to hear their story and learn about their own journey in seeking out healthy and organic alternatives to conventionally grown and store-bought food.  Their story was heartfelt and a valuable reminder of the power of home growing and the importance of a diet inclusive of organically grown food.  Their story is as follows:

" Approximately five years ago, my son began to suffer from extreme intestinal and stomach ailments. It was determined that he was suffering from the toxins associated with the pesticides from the produce that we had been purchasing. It was recommended that we buy only organically grown local produce and even then that we should make sure to wash and clean it thoroughly. Since that time, I have changed my family's diet by eliminating red meat and pork. We purchased farm raised chickens and eggs from a local farmer in Ohio and incorporated in our diet organically grown beans from a farm in Georgia. I also began to grow my own supply of vegetables and I would can as much of my harvest as possible. Farming in Ohio is limited to a few months out of the year, so when we had the opportunity to relocate to Arizona it was such a blessing. I can now grow various types of produce year-round, and I have greater access to more organically grown foods. The idea that I can harvest fish as well as produce organic food with the Aquagrove aquaponics system is like a godsend. We have only been eating fish that was freshly caught by my husband, however with there being some contamination of our lakes and rivers we always knew that we would be taking a gamble with our health by eating it. My family has benefited tremendously by growing most of the produce that we eat and with the addition of the Aquagrove aquaponics system, our goal to continue with a sustainable living lifestyle will be 100% easier."

The AquaGrove family is pleased to be part of the sweepstakes winner’s efforts to improve their home, health and lifestyle.  We look forward to seeing photos and sharing updates on the progress they make as they begin raising their own fish and growing their own organic greens with the AquaGrove.