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5 Ways to a Sustainable New Year

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5 Ways to a Sustainable New Year

The new year is full of opportunities to set resolutions and goals to improve our lives, and one goal that can have a positive impact on the planet is to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. With sustainable living being a broad term that is frequently used in describing everything from recycling to thrift shopping, it is important to set clear steps that make attaining the goal a realistic endeavor.

For this reason, we have gathered five easy actions that you can take to reduce your carbon footprint and live more sustainably in 2023:

Reuse It – From wrapping paper to reusable straws, bags and bottles, “reuse” is a very simple and powerful way to limit your carbon footprint (and excess waste). Make it easy by having reusable grocery bags ready-to-go in your car; bring your own mug to your favorite coffee spot, and just say “no” to straws.

Green Your Clean – A common misconception about cleaning products is that they have be harsh to be effective. This leads to an overuse of toxic chemicals such as bleach and ammonia being used in our homes and ultimately traveling to our water systems. The truth is that in many cases natural sources for cleaning can be just as effective, and natural agents such as vinegar and baking soda can serve multiple purposes, on a variety of surfaces. Additionally, most stores sell natural cleaning alternatives that have plant-based ingredients for everything from laundry detergent to toilet cleaners.

Green Your Garden – While gardening in general is a great step to securing a healthy food source for you and your family, a sustainable garden is necessary to decrease water waste and ensure an organic final product. Consider alternative growing methods such as aquaponics which uses up to 90 percent less water than conventional gardening and eliminates the use of pesticides.

Get Smart Systems – Technology has enabled us to manage our lives remotely and automate simple tasks that can save time and energy. You can take steps to optimize your heating/cooling and lighting systems by installing smart technology that will allow your systems to work more efficiently and respond to the environment. When systems are timed and automated, lights and AC/heat can be operational when the space is occupied and lowered when not in use; remote functions are also useful when traveling or when you are away from your home/office.

Go Solar – Solar incentives are abundant, making solar energy more affordable than ever before. In addition to reducing your carbon footprint, clean energy such as solar pays you back over time which will have an even bigger impact on your wallet. As the solar industry expands, more options for the type of panels and systems are developing.  From standard PV to cutting-edge technology like PVT that provides both electricity and hot water, there are many ways to transition to green energy.

While the above listed tips are just a few of the many actions you can take to decrease your carbon footprint, every action counts. To learn more about how you can adopt a more sustainable lifestyle through aquaponics, contact AquaGrove.