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Any homeowner – from the urban dweller to the suburbanite to the small farm owner - can enjoy keeping an AquaGrove system or two in their residence. Space is no barrier to operating an aquaponics system; even those who live in small apartments, mobile homes, or other tiny spaces can grow their own healthy, organic food via an aquaponics system.

The advantages of producing one’s own food are many. At the forefront is the opportunity to provide you and your family with healthy fish and produce that’s free of chemicals that threaten human health. You control the environment so you know the food your harvesting is the best available.

These systems also offer quality produce and fish without the hassle of traditional methods. Consider standard soil-based gardening, for example. Tending to a garden requires repetitive, time-consuming, energy-zapping tasks such as weeding and watering. With aquaponics, there’s no more bending over and kneeling on the hard ground to tend to plants. The plants growing in an AquaGrove system require far less attention and tending to them is a breeze. Plants also grow faster and produce a larger yield.

Water usage is also substantially lowered when growing plants and fish via an aquaponics systems. That means money saved on municipal water costs. In addition, individuals or families who grow excess products can offer it for sale, providing another source of income and another reason to consider AquaGrove.