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Living off-the-grid represents a dedication to clean and efficient living without wasting natural resources. Off-gridders have a deep passion for the world in which they live, forgoing things that leave a carbon footprint on the environment and choosing, instead, a way of life that is less intrusive on their ecosystem.

That’s why AquaGrove is such a logical choice for those who have adopted an off-the-grid lifestyle. Aquaponics systems like AquaGrove provide access to fresh fish and plants in an environment that insures a healthy result, and these clever systems can even function without being hooked to the electrical grid or by accessing public water. Many off-gridders already enjoy the self-sufficiency that aquaponics offers and do it by tapping into good, clean solar or wind energy to make the system work.

In the correct environment, aquaponics can also offer year-round, home-grown food that’s free of chemicals that can impact human health. By using a greenhouse or other climate-controlled environment, off-gridders will enjoy fresh, clean fish and produce regardless of the weather.

Aquaponics also help off-the-grid individuals or families avoid frequent trips back to civilization. Systems like AquaGrove provide larger plant yields and plants that grow quicker than those cultivated in a soil-based environment. That’s efficiency at its finest, which is consistent with the off-the-grid way of life.