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Clean, healthy, organic products grown locally. That’s what today’s savvy foodie seeks. Without a doubt, the farm-to-table movement is bigger than ever and many restaurants – even urban hot-spots – have planted their own gardens for harvesting produce and herbs to give diners the best tasting, freshest options available. And they’ve been rewarded for their efforts with rave reviews and bigger crowds.

Now, offering such options can be even easier than planting a traditional soil garden. When restaurants adopt the use of efficient aquaponics systems like AquaGrove, they get clean, healthy plants and fish produced by a system that also offers cost-saving benefits to restaurant operators.

Though an aquaponics system is water-based, users actually reduce their reliance on water and use far less over the course of a year. In addition, aquaponics has been proven to produce a yield up to four times denser than that of traditional soil-based farming and about twice as quickly, too. That means more food at a lower cost in a shorter amount of time!

AquaGrove also offers extreme versatility. Aquaponics systems can be placed just about anywhere and, with proper care, will thrive successfully. That means restaurant owners can make use of that extra space in the basement, that rooftop greenhouse, or can even place the systems in a spot where customers can enjoy observing the process.