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Energy Solutions Engineered To Meet The Highest Standards Around

The brave men and women of the US military must work in the most challenging environments possible, all over the world. While there are many variables involved in when, where, and how a military team might deploy, one thing remains constant: the need for accessible, reliable power. And as military equipment continues to evolve and adapt, the need for power-on-demand grows with every passing day.

That’s why our rapid deployment Gen-2-O turnkey system is such an ideal solution for military, rescue, and natural disaster response teams. The solar panels, generator, and quick connects are so easy to use, a team can have power flowing in less than an hour. The optional potable water attachment provides a source of much needed hydration. When the cities power is out for weeks, or the team is operating in an environment that is difficult to resupply, the Gen-2-O system can provide power for communication systems and more when it’s needed most.