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What to Grow with AquaGrove

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What to Grow with AquaGrove

Are you new to aquaponics?  Are you curious to know what you can grow with an AquaGrove?

The truth is that as interesting as aquaponics is as a growing method, many newcomers are intimidated by the process.  Once the “wow” factor wears off and they get serious about starting an aquaponic garden, many questions come up about what types of fish are best to raise and which plants will thrive.

For this reason, we wanted to provide a concise list of fish and plants that can be successfully grown in the AquaGrove.


When choosing fish to farm in an aquaponic system, it is important to choose a fish that can thrive in a tank environment, as well as handle the fluctuations involved with stabilizing an aquaponic system in the early stages.  For this and other reasons, tilapia tends to be the fish of choice, both for its hardiness and appeal to consumers.  Tilapia is certainly the fish of choice for AquaGrove, and our growers have experienced great success when introducing fingerlings and closely monitoring their growth and properly managing their feed rates.

That being stated, one of the more interesting aspects of having an AquaGrove is the ability to experiment.  Across the country, AquaGrove has growers raising a variety of aquatic life that range from rainbow trout (chiller added) to ornamental koi and prawns.

According to the Southern Regional Aquaculture Center, tilapia is the fish species most commonly cultured in aquaponic systems. While tilapia is the top recommendation for AquaGrove, aquaponic systems have been used to raise a variety of other fish including but not limited to catfish, largemouth bass, common carp and more.


In addition to choosing the fish species to farm, aquaponic growers will need to choose the plants and vegetation they wish to grow in the system.  When choosing plants, it is important to first determine the plant’s growth requirements and then to choose a plant based on its use and purpose.  For example, growers who have use and interest in consuming leafy greens may choose to grow lettuce or kale, while others who are interested in growing organic herbs for cooking may choose to grow basil.  No matter the final choice, you will want to have a plan for growing and distributing your vegetation; your plan should include:

- Growth requirements

- Expected growth/output

- Uses and distribution of product

The fish and plants you select for your system should have similar needs as far as temperature and pH.  As a general rule, leafy crops such as lettuce and herbs will grow best in an aquaponic system. 

Plants that will do well in any aquaponic system include but are not limited to:

- leafy lettuce varieties

- kale

- swiss chard

- herbs (basil, mint, chives)

- watercress

- common house plants

Now that you have a list of fish and plants that will thrive in an aquaponic system, it is time to get started.  AquaGrove has an easy-to-use starter kit that will provide you the seedlings and fish you need to get cycling and begin your first round of growing. 

We are always interested in hearing from AquaGrove growers and learning of your success stories.  To share your story and learn more about AquaGrove, contact us at: