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Everglades University Goes “Off Grid” with Aquaponics

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Everglades University Goes “Off Grid” with Aquaponics

If you have been following our blog, you are probably already aware of the impressive sustainability program at Everglades University in Sarasota, Florida that includes AquaGrove® and the Power Panel® Gen-2-O.  For more than one year, the University has been engaging students with a unique AquaGrove aquaponics program where they have been growing lettuce and raising tilapia.

The AquaGrove is situated in Everglades University’s “Solar Lab” which was designed and installed by Advanced Green Technologies.  Adjacent to the AquaGrove sits Power Panel’s Gen-2-O, a deployable solar generator that has garnered attention for it use in emergency and disaster relief efforts such as those in Puerto Rico last year.  From solar power and solar generators to the AquaGrove aquaponics system, one would say that Everglades University is somewhat of a poster child for sustainable living - So how could they possibly set the bar any higher?  The answer is simple… by going completely off-the-grid (OTG).

Last week, Everglades University’s AquaGrove garden was brought to the next level of efficiency and sustainability with the addition of a dual-grow bed system and solar power with battery backup.  With the dual-grow beds, the University increased its grow space from 16 square feet to nearly 50 square feet, adding two stacked grow beds adjacent to the system already in place.  Additionally, solar panels with battery backup were added to both the AquaGrove and auxiliary grow beds, operating the system, pumps and grow lights by the power of the sun.

The University didn’t stop there.  With their Power Panel Gen-2-O, they expanded their program to include add-on features enabling students to interact with the technology similarly to how it is used in remote areas and disaster relief efforts.  Now students will be able to do more than charge devices and access hot water – They will be able to cook meals sous vide style and even set up hot showers without ever requiring access to the “grid”.

In the coming weeks, Everglades University is expected to introduce fish and seeds to its upgraded AquaGrove garden, and with the additional grow beds, they can increase production and grow a variety of leafy greens and vegetables simultaneously and in three different grow spaces.  Students will also have a chance to take their knowledge of their Gen-2-O a step further through enhanced features and lessons with the Gen-2-O.  We look forward to sharing photos and updates of their progress as they continue to raise the bar for sustainability programs and education with AquaGrove and Power Panel.

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