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AquaGrove Attends the 2019 Aquaponics Association Conference

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AquaGrove Attends the 2019 Aquaponics Association Conference

Last weekend, representatives from AquaGrove headed to Kentucky State University for the Aquaponic Association’s Annual Conference (September 20-22, 2019), where more than 260 pioneers in the industry gathered to share and learn from each other, exploring case studies, scientific research and best practices in aquaponics. This year’s theme was “Putting Out Fruits”, and the event provided a unique opportunity to network with fellow growers and educators and gain a better understanding of the methods being used by different organizations, companies and educational institutions to improve and promote programs in aquaponics and sustainability. 

The Conference included learning tracks for commercial and food safety, community and international growers, as well as STEM/school research aquaponics.  Attendees had the opportunity to engage in a weekend of various educational sessions addressing everything from business management to pest management, as well as tour FoodChain (a nonprofit aquaponic farm in an old bread factory) and the Kentucky State University Aquaculture/Aquaponics Research Center.

The mission of the Aquaponics Association is to promote the benefits of aquaponics through education and outreach, and AquaGrove was pleased to have the opportunity to share the many benefits that the “Learn and Grow” system has to offer.  In addition to meeting professionals within the industry, AquaGrove had a chance to connect with AquaGrove users and growers at Santa Fe Community College and Everglades University. Charlie Shultz and Pedro Casas (see more about Charlie Shultz in Case Studies) of Santa Fe Community College (SFCC) provided an important presentation entitled “SFCC Greenhouse Update”, where they shared information about SFCC’s success and experience with the AquaGrove system in their program. 

On the floor of the event, AquaGrove provided information and materials about the system at the SFCC table and shared the latest “mini” model of the unit, allowing visitors to get a sense of the shape and design of the system.  In the coming weeks, we look forward to reconnecting with the many new and familiar faces from the Aquaponics Association Conference so that we can work together to educate our communities and promote the benefits of sustainable agriculture and aquaponics.

To begin learning and growing with your own easy-to-use AquaGrove aquaponics system, visit our online store.  Technical support and guidance are readily available for all levels of experience and learning.