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AquaGrove - The Gift that Keeps on Giving

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AquaGrove - The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Here at AquaGrove, we are reminded every day of the many gifts that AquaGrove can bring to growers and classrooms.  From the fresh and organic food that can be harvested in isolated urban spaces to the many educational and STEM related lessons that can be experienced by students of all ages, AquaGrove is simply the gift that keeps on giving for urban growers, students and really anyone who wants to take a step into aquaponics and reap the benefits of whole, organic and freshly grown plants, vegetables and fish.

While aquaponics is not a new way of growing and has a long history that dates as far back as the Aztecs, the AquaGrove system is a new way of making aquaponics easy from nearly any location.  The gifts that it provides go beyond fresh and organic food, as it offers a virtually endless garden with the potential for year-round growing.  AquaGrove takes a tried and true method of sustainable gardening and makes it accessible to everyone in the following ways:

1 – Compact – The AquaGrove system is approximately 5.5’ feet in diameter and 7’ feet in height, providing growers with even the most limited space an opportunity to garden.  With a 150 gallon patented thermal tank, 16 square feet of grow bed space and grow lights, growers can harvest their favorite plants, lettuce and fish in nearly any location. Additionally, the AquaGrove is packaged to be small enough to fit into a standard doorway so that it can be easily assembled in even the most limited and remote of spaces.

2- Room to Grow – In addition to the 16 square feet of grow space that is standard with the Learn and Grow System, growers who wish to expand their gardens can easily add multiple grow beds.  The 150 gallon tank will support two more grow beds (dual grow bed system) to turn 16 square feet into nearly 50 square feet of garden space instantly. 

3- Less Impact – In addition to aquaponics being a sustainable form of gardening and having less impact on the environment (using 90% less water than conventional gardening), the AquaGrove takes sustainability a step further by offering options for solar power.  Earlier this year, AquaGrove installed a multi-grow bed system at Everglades University in Sarasota Florida, making it the first system of its kind to run completely off-grid.

4 – More Lessons – Students of all ages, K-12 to University level, can benefit from the many lessons to be learned from AquaGrove.  In addition to real-time and hands-on learning for studies within agriculture and sustainability, the AquaGrove covers a myriad of disciplines within Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (S.T.E.M.).  From monitoring the health and growth rate of fish and plants to maintaining the system and developing studies to be applied outside of the classroom, there are many ways to customize lessons to meet the needs of a given age group, subject and area of focus.  With AquaGrove’s Learning Guide, teachers can gain inspiration and guidance on how to introduce students to aquaponics, as well as expand studies to engage broader concepts such as food security, climate change and environmental challenges.

AquaGrove offers many gifts to growers and students of all levels, and the best part is that those gifts continue to give far beyond the holiday season, providing clean and green gardening for years to come.  To learn more about how you, your family and school can benefit from the gift of AquaGrove, contact an AquaGrove team member today.