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On the Therapeutic Benefits of Gardening

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On the Therapeutic Benefits of Gardening

If you already have an AquaGrove, then chances are you have experienced first-hand the many benefits of aquaponic gardening.  From having an organic and sustainable food source to enhancing educational programming, AquaGrove provides opportunities to “Learn and Grow”.  With the ability to place an AquaGrove indoors or outdoors and in a variety of climates, gardeners of all ages can enjoy growing fresh vegetables and farming fish year-round from nearly any location.

While AquaGrove’s direct gains can be observed and experienced from the moment the system is set up and running, there are additional benefits that may be overlooked, such as therapeutic benefits.  Gardening as a stress-reliever is well known, and during the stressful and uncertain times we are currently experiencing as a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the therapeutic benefits of gardening are becoming increasingly more important.

In fact, according to the Journal of Health Psychology, a research study was conducted in order to provide scientific evidence for the psychological benefits reaped from gardening.  In the study, stress-relieving effects of gardening were hypothesized and tested in a field experiment, compared with the stress relief provided by reading. Gardening and reading each led to decreases in cortisol (stress hormone released by the adrenal glands) during the recovery period, but the gardening group exhibited significantly stronger decreases. It was also noted that positive mood was fully restored after gardening.

Additionally, a report in the Mental Health Journal (source: Mental Health Review Journal, 2013) cited gardening as having the capacity to reduce stress and improve mood, with a reduction in symptoms of depression and anxiety - ‘A review of gardening-based interventions for people experiencing mental health difficulties reported that benefits include a reduction in symptoms of depression and anxiety and an increase in attentional capacity and self-esteem. Key benefits include emotional benefits such as reduced stress and improved mood.’

From a less scientific perspective, gardening can simply be fun and serve as a pleasurable and productive escape. Sensory-oriented, plant-dominated and chock-full of beautiful colors and fragrances, gardening not only nurtures our bodies with what we grow, but it can also nurture our minds through a process that can be meditative and relaxing.  

Many therapeutic benefits of gardening can be discovered through AquaGrove aquaponics. Getting started has never been easier with the start-up guide and online customer care.  And while starting your garden now can help relieve stress experienced today, the benefits of fresh, organic and healthy food can last a lifetime.

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