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AquaGrove Learning Guide 2.0

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AquaGrove Learning Guide 2.0

As a result of the global pandemic we are currently experiencing, the world as we know it has changed rapidly in just a few short months.  In the same way that businesses have been forced to close doors and modify their operational practices, schools and universities have been required to shut down and launch distance learning programs with lightspeed turnaround times.

For schools, teachers, students and families, this change has been felt on all levels.  Many lessons have required parents to step in as teachers and tutors, and educators have been tested and pressured to change the format in which they work with students and measure success.  While online learning offers unique advantages including flexibility and guaranteed social distancing, there are also some hurdles that must be addressed.  According to Purdue University, students attending class online may face some unique challenges compared to students who attend class on campus, including time management, digital literacy, technical issues and lack of motivation.

The truth is that face-to-face instruction does not always successfully translate into the virtual realm, and for this reason, it is important to find new ways to challenge students and preserve their interest in learning.  In response to the growing AquaGrove community and the new challenges being faced in education, AquaGrove is improving and expanding its current Learning Guide with new project ideas and a guided independent study model.  While all of the previous lessons, links and resources will remain intact and serve as useful tools in the student’s discovery process, the new additions to the Learning Guide are being developed to provide more options for students and teachers to explore and study with AquaGrove and within related subject areas (aquaponics, STEM, sustainability, conservation, climate change).

With restricted access to public spaces and even grocery stores and restaurants posing food access limitations, the importance of controlling a clean, organic and sustainable food source have never been more apparent, and the AquaGrove system enables students to gain an understanding and confidence in how to safely and effectively grow their own food with limited to no impact on the environment.

For existing AquaGrove growers, the expanded sections of the guide will be made available as soon as new units and links are finalized.  AquaGrove looks forward to continuing to learn and grow with current growers, as well as introducing more teachers and students to the many possibilities in education that are available through the world of aquaponics.