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AquaGrove Growers are Invited to Share Their Story

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AquaGrove Growers are Invited to Share Their Story

Do you have an AquaGrove aquaponics program that you would like to share with the AquaGrove community?  Perfect - now is your chance to be featured on the AquaGrove blog!  The one thing better than learning and growing with your own AquaGrove is learning and growing together.  At AquaGrove, we have the opportunity to see and hear about impressive sustainability programs first-hand, from schools and universities to marine education centers and nonprofit organizations.  As every grower is actively customizing their program and gardens to meet their interests, new and creative learning opportunities are being developed, all of which can be of great value to others in the aquaponics community.

So, are you ready to share your ideas and innovative ways that you and/or your students are working with AquaGrove?   Great – here are a few guidelines and ideas to get you started:

Suggested Topics

Guest post content should be focused on your own AquaGrove experience.  This may include best practices, research projects, garden experiments, success stories or entertaining encounters that are unique to you and your program.  Feel free to get creative and tell others how your school, group or family is making the most of your sustainable garden.  Some ideas include but are not limited to:

  • Student Highlight – Feature a student or group of students that are managing your program or taking the lead on a new initiative.
  • Success Stories – Have you tried something new with your garden that has been a great success?  Have you developed a new lesson around AquaGrove, or have your students created technology to help manage and/or track your garden?  Tell us how you have made your program a success.
  • Research Projects – Share your experiments and projects that you have conducted using AquaGrove.  Perhaps you have compared growth rates of different plants, experimented with farming various types of fish, or used the system for a research project to addresses larger issues in the environment.  



All ideas are welcome and are a great way to put you and your students in the spotlight, along with inspiring and helping others to have success stories of their own in the future. Some basic guidelines to follow when submitting a topic or story include:

  1. Please only submit original content that has not been published elsewhere.
  2. Limit your story to 500-700 words (300 word minimum).
  3. Links to your project videos, resources and your own website or social media profiles may be included to direct readers to more information about your school, group and AquaGrove learning program.
  4. Please include at least one photo/image to correspond with your story if possible.
  5. Include the author’s name, a title for your story and any photography/video credits.

Note: Alternatively, you may submit your topic idea in lieu of the full post. When submitting your topic idea, please provide: a working title, central theme and how you see this resonating with others in the aquaponics community, resources and information about the topic and your program.

Currently, AquaGrove is looking to publish one guest post per month, so if you are not published immediately, please do not worry - a representative from AquaGrove will contact you to inform you of the status of your story, the publishing schedule and any edits that may be considered. If you have any questions about how to submit or would like feedback on a story idea, please contact us here

We look forward to receiving your submission and sharing your story soon!