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A.D. Henderson University School Takes AquaGrove Studies to New Heights

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A.D. Henderson University School Takes AquaGrove Studies to New Heights

If you have been following our blog or know anything about A.D. Henderson University School in Boca Raton, Florida, then you already know that the school is known for innovation and pushing the boundaries in science and technology. 

So, what makes A.D. Henderson University School stand out from other schools?  Let’s just say that their many developments in aquaponics with AquaGrove is just a small part of the picture.  Established in 1968, A.D. Henderson University School is a developmental research (lab) school designed to enhance instruction and research in specialized subjects with the objective to improve outcomes for all students nationwide. 

The school’s team and faculty work to develop and implement unconventional approaches that provide students with opportunities to conduct cutting-edge, peer-reviewed and published research.  Such approaches include using unmanned terrestrial, aerial, and water vehicles to teach the principles of engineering, as well as providing a classroom environment that gives students open space to develop their own unique projects. 

In recent years, the school had acquired two AquaGrove systems.  They have run multiple experiments that have been primarily student-driven, and they have used AquaGrove to create both aquaponic and hydroponic gardens, successfully growing everything from beautiful flowers to watermelon, strawberries, and tomatoes.  Additionally, they used the aquarium tank for crayfish (instead of tilapia), and their students built “crayfish condos” to create a functional habitat. 

Based on the success and growing demand for student use of the AquaGrove, A.D. Henderson University School acquired two more AquaGrove systems at the start of this year, specifically for the purpose of conducting various research projects to tackle environmental challenges in agriculture.  Through generous sponsorship from Rob Kornahrens, President and CEO of Advanced Roofing and Advanced Green Technologies, students will soon embark on an explorative study that reaches new heights – growing in space. 

‘We are pleased to provide continued support to A.D. Henderson University School and their many innovative and ground-breaking projects.  The research that is being conducted at the school not only prepares the next generation for a solid career path, but it empowers them to create sustainable solutions to environmental challenges we face in energy use, water conservation and food security.’ – Rob Kornahrens

In the Spring semester of 2021, 9th grade students began to test the feasibility of the new and recently acquired AquaGrove systems, resulting in a successful harvest of tomatoes. At the same time, the students were working with NASA on a project exploring the utilization of moon soil amendments to grow food plants. Through the Plant the Moon Challenge, 9th grade students are currently exploring soil manipulations and amendments for maximizing the growth of pea plants. With the new systems now in place, the pea plants have been moved into the AquaGrove system, and students are currently engaged in the early stages of a new project that will explore the feasibility of using AquaGrove to grow food plants in space.  

At AquaGrove, we are always inspired by the many ways that students can learn and grow through use, experiments and research using the system.  In the coming months, we look forward to learning of the progress students at A.D. Henderson University School make in their latest research, as well as the many other experiments and studies to come.

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