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Investment Opportunity for Friends of AquaGrove

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Investment Opportunity for Friends of AquaGrove

As most AquaGrove growers are already aware, the patented thermal technology that is provided by AquaGrove’s tanks is unmatched by any other product.  The tanks not only allow for easy deployment and assembly in nearly any location, but they also offer a unique method for temperature regulation, requiring less energy and expense for maintaining optimal temperatures in the tanks.

This unique and powerful technology was founded and is used by AquaGrove’s parent company, Power Panel.  In addition to AquaGrove, Power Panel offers a full line of sustainable technology in the form of PVT panels and thermal edge storage tanks.  Power Panel high-efficiency patented panels generate both electricity and hot water in one compact footprint that converts up to 75% of incoming sun into usable energy. This includes heating water up to 158 degrees Fahrenheit efficiently! 

After 10+ years of developing and prototyping their solar thermal heating technology, Power Panel is entering into a new season and looking for key partner investors to come along for that journey.  Power Panel is ready for a large scale go to market strategy that will include international distribution partners, international manufacturing royalty agreements, and several North American distribution partners. With their technology primed for success and comprised of a team that is focused on scaling, they have decided to actively raise capital for this season.

For this reason, Power Panel has partnered with WeFunder to spread the word and open the doors to new investors and possibilities for their ground-breaking technology.  For those readers who are not familiar with WeFunder, it is a crowdfunding service which connects startups and innovative small businesses with investors online.  According to their website, WeFunder has helped thousands of founders and startups raise more than $5 billion in venture capital and is comprised of more than 1 million angel investors who are paying it forward and making investments that make an impact.

And now, friends of AquaGrove can gain access to this investment opportunity.  This raise will support Power Panel with working capital, sales & marketing, and technology improvements for future product line launches.

If you are interested in learning more, please visit Power Panel’s WeFunder profile: 

Last updated 07/08/21