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AquaGrove Assembly Offers Opportunities for Learning

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AquaGrove Assembly Offers Opportunities for Learning

Earlier this month, Santa Fe Community College embarked on assembling their first AquaGrove.  As they documented their project, their photos revealed that in addition to the assembly process being user-friendly, it offers a fun and interactive STEM activity bringing together faculty, interns and students.

Santa Fe’s Program Intern, Zac Carlson, stated: “Having the opportunity to work with this type of system has been really great in understanding Aquaponics, and I am grateful for the resources that you (AquaGrove) have provided…  I was very impressed on how easy the system was to set up, I really appreciated all the design components working together and the fact that we only really needed one type of bolt and washer to put everything together.”

Once assembled, their team of educators and students started the system with carbon filtered water, filling both tanks simultaneously.  Next, they ran a standard pH test and adjusted the levels in order to introduce the fish.  The following day, they welcomed and introduced 26 fish to the lower tank, using AquaGrove’s recommended fish stocking rate of 1 lb of fish per 5 gallons of water. 

In the coming weeks, the team at SFCC will be adding plants, and we look forward to sharing their updates as they eagerly await harvest day.