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McArthur High School

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McArthur High School

Students at McArthur High School have a growing sustainable agriculture program and business.   Their award-winning teacher, Vincent Newman, has put together a learn-as-you-go program that brings hands-on learning to a whole new level.  As a winner of the prestigious DuPont Pioneer Excellence in Agricultural Science Education Award (NSTA) and P3 Eco-Challenge Award in 2017, Vincent Newman has proven to be an effective and powerful role model for McArthur High School students; in addition to leading his students, Mr. Newman is a role model for other educators and schools and was recently selected to take part in the 2017 National Agriscience Teacher Ambassador Academy.  Mr. Newman empowers students to lead and take charge of their greenhouse and grounds as if it were their own.  Students have assembled and maintained the Aquagrove unit on their own, nurturing bream, tilapia and growing bib lettuce and cucumbers from starter seed pellets/discs.  The students regularly monitor, track and manage water nitrate levels, as well as modify practices for optimal growth and quality of food. 

In addition to providing vocational training, industry-certification and aquaponics at McArthur High School, Vincent Newman is currently developing a curriculum integration guide for other educators to use for learning with the Aquagrove system.  His program has been the recipient of the Florida Wildflower Foundation Seed Awards in 2015, and the food produced by Aquagrove and the hydroponics program will be part of his ongoing efforts to distribute fresh food to lower-income families and sell to local markets.

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