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Ask AquaGrove: Answers to Five Common Questions

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Ask AquaGrove: Answers to Five Common Questions

AquaGrove clients and educators range from beginner to expert levels of aquaponics experience, and in order for anyone to prepare for launching an aquaponics system, there are a few key questions that we receive and that you should ask to be sure you can meet the requirements for running the system.  For this reason, we decided to gather a few of our most frequently asked questions and provide you with the answers you need to get going and growing with AquaGrove:

Question: How much space do I need?

The quick answer… not much.  One of the unique aspects of AquaGrove is that it can be deployed and assembled almost anywhere.  While the fully assembled system is approximately 7 feet in height and 5.5 feet in diameter, the unassembled parts can easily fit through any doorway and standard entryways.

Question: Do you need to have access to direct sunlight?

No.  The AquaGrove includes a built-in LED grow light system and can be successfully operated from spaces ranging from a well-lit classroom to a dark basement.  While some growers use a combination of sunlight and grow lights depending on their desired level of production, growers can just as easily use the grow lights alone.

Question: How long does it take to assemble an AquaGrove?

We recommend that you have at least two people to assemble an AquaGrove.  Our student learners usually work in larger groups, each being assigned a different stage of assembly or series of tasks.  With two adults, you should allot two to three hours for assembly.  Larger groups may take less time.

 Question:  What type of fish do you recommend using?

This is a good question and is really up to the grower.  While tilapia tend to be the most popular choice for aquaponics due to being hardy and able to thrive in tank conditions, AquaGrove has growers who are working with everything from ornamental koi to crayfish.  To learn more about growing options, check out our previous post “What to Grow with AquaGrove”.

Question: What components require power on an AquaGrove?

In addition to the grow lights, there are a couple of components that require a source for power.  The unit contains a submersible pump, air pump and heater that can either be powered by a standard 120-volt power outlet or by supplemental solar.  AquaGrove offers a starter solar canopy that can supplement 50% of the power required and provide an effective shield from the elements when using the system outdoors; the solar option can be expanded to meet a portion or all of your energy requirements.

For a full list of other FAQs, please visit our list of common questions here.  For more information about the system, requirements and availability, please email us directly at: